Policy , be engrossed in develop produce goods inspires to follow quality system that a customer pleases,

***Thaitechdie and part Co.,Ltd. is the manufacturer of Mold and stamping to the auto part and electric part industry and electronics by the experienced team and modern technologies in reductions including the excellence of delivery and after-sales service. These lead to the acceptance from customers with the policy of executives that hope to produce the quality products and respond to the customer satisfaction to the maximum and most completely.

***The management system of Thaitechdie is certified the international standards of ISO 9001:2000 and TS16949 : 2002 Therefore, we emphasize that "how we should do to make our mold and stamping part have the quality and precision which are demanded by every customer group of automotive industry and electronics part industry. We use the pattern of large organizations in management such as the kanban production system, the follow-up project. The operational results will be reported to customers periodically resulting in the customer's benefit, time and cost reduction in following up the work of customers. The after-sales service and warranty must be satisfied to customers, as well. In the near future, Thaitechdie and part Co.,Ltd. has a project to open a new plant at coming soon province which is near for expanding the production capacity and also support new projects in the future

" Mr.Thongchai concluded.